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anthologies with a tale to tell

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anthologies with a tale to tell

Post by maynardsims » Tue Dec 13, 2016 1:47 pm

Many of these anthologies tell a tale of their own. The Century Of books were purchased in Brixham, Devon, over forty years ago. I was on holiday with my parents - in our first car, an Austin Cambridge, a big beauty. Driving through Brixham I saw a bookshop. There seemed to be loads of them at that time and being an avid book collector it was always a thrill and a joy to discover a new one. I saw the bookshop as we were stopped at traffic lights. Out I leapt just before the lights turned green and dad drove off. They had to park up and come back for me - selfish teen that I was - and there was I wading through stacks of books, plenty of which were my beloved ghost stories and supernatural tales. The taste for the ghost story developed from a general love of all supernatural stories.
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