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Q 2001 Essay Touching on Ghost Stories

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Q 2001 Essay Touching on Ghost Stories

Post by maynardsims » Sat Dec 10, 2016 2:53 pm

The literature of the macabre is saddled with many labels. Many of them are generic and seek to define and become an all-encompassing genre for a diverse and many faceted collection of styles, subjects, and stories.

Horror, supernatural, and the more modern dark fantasy, are the accepted embracing headings under which a variety of fiction shelter. Tales of unease, of the uncanny, of terror and nightmare, all have had followings and champions throughout the years, and today.
Many sub-genres exist around the vampire, werewolf, zombie, and today around serial killers, and more concrete creations.

Yet, of them all, there is one genre, or sub-genre, that has stood the test of time better than most, and which alone amongst the story-telling of the shadows, attracts less scorn from the ‘real’ literature lovers. This is of course the ghost story.

The ghost story at its best is a delight. A balance between the visible and in visible, the light and dark, shade and shadow. It can be a nightmare played out in writing that is dream-like. A parable of terrors set during the hours of daylight, where the transition into night is seamless.

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