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Fantasy - Epic, High, Dark, Heroic!

The genre has changed, and continues to change – gone are the days of ‘the prophesied one’, and Grimdark has risen to sate the hunger of readers who want realistic, dark, emotionally charged and gritty tales. As writers, what brought you to writing Fantasy? As readers, what do you love (or hate) about the genre? Who are your literary heroes? Whose books do you drop everything else to read? What trends do you notice? Let’s discuss Men in Fantasy!
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Fantasy - Epic, High, Dark, Heroic!

Post by DavedeBurgh » Fri Dec 09, 2016 2:21 pm

Let's talk! Your male Fantasy authors, your favourite characters, your favourite quotes and set-pieces and battles... Have at it!

And introduce yourselves, of course... ;)

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