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Reviews of The Fourth Reich - Head of the Snake.

Gary Compton is a former cabinetmaker and now writes full time. He also finds the time to run Tickety Boo Press Ltd. His first novel, the Fourth Reich - Head of the Snake is out now. Set in 2010 it follows Freddy Bartlett from the Serious Organised Crime Squad who is asked to head a murder enquiry.

A CIA agent is found dead and a cloak of secrecy surrounds his last investigation. Bartlett slowly discovers one of the greatest cover-ups in history and at its centre, the collapse of the financial system is not what it seems. Perpetrating the deceit is a shadowy organisation whose roots lie in world war two and their infamous-leader controls his army from beyond the grave.
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Reviews of The Fourth Reich - Head of the Snake.

Post by Gary Compton » Tue Dec 13, 2016 12:50 pm

Another excellent review of the Fourth Reich. :D

"The Fourth Reich – Head of the Snake will be enjoyed by anyone who likes conspiracy theories and books by the likes of Dan Brown. Gary Compton has a much more action packed style though and if I have any gripe at all it is that nothing is left to the imagination, you get a full blow-by-blow account of the story from every angle. Personally I would have liked more mystery, I prefer being kept in the dark as to what is going on. The storytelling is clear, even though you get to see it all from so many points of view.

Story-wise, it will come as no surprise (because of the title) that this is about the return of Nazi forces trying to drive the world into chaos and take over. There is a large supernatural element, with the main character being somewhat psychic. It also slips into horror in places, with some quite graphic scenes reminiscent of Shaun Hutson’s novels. The main character is a likeable grumpy copper, and comes across well.
All in all, an enjoyable read that leaves you wanting to read more. The only reason I won’t give this five stars is that I would like more mystery and tension instead of knowing exactly what is happening, why and who by all the time."

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