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Gary Compton Bio...

Gary Compton is a former cabinetmaker and now writes full time. He also finds the time to run Tickety Boo Press Ltd. His first novel, the Fourth Reich - Head of the Snake is out now. Set in 2010 it follows Freddy Bartlett from the Serious Organised Crime Squad who is asked to head a murder enquiry.

A CIA agent is found dead and a cloak of secrecy surrounds his last investigation. Bartlett slowly discovers one of the greatest cover-ups in history and at its centre, the collapse of the financial system is not what it seems. Perpetrating the deceit is a shadowy organisation whose roots lie in world war two and their infamous-leader controls his army from beyond the grave.
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Gary Compton Bio...

Post by Gary Compton » Wed Nov 16, 2016 7:55 pm

Gary Compton, a cabinetmaker, has ran his own businesses since 1983. The furniture he made always involved his creative side in some way, he had several showrooms, a workshop and some great craftsmen working for him.

From one of his showrooms and with his friend, Rick Hopper, an unhealthy interest in anything psychic took hold. They employed one of the best mediums in the North East, Fred Barrett and a lot of interesting experiences.
In December 1999 a visit to another psychic medium was arranged. Myrna told Gary that in 6 years he would do something creative, that it would be a great success and he would travel the country with it. Gary assumed it would be something to do with the expensive kitchens he made.

In December 2005 he watched a BBC documentary about local author who’d been snapped up by random house with a sizeable advance. Gary thought to himself, “I could do that.”

During the next two weeks while he was on holiday his book was started. Originally called the Psychic Detective, he sat down at his computer with no plan, an idea popped into his head about his character being regressed. The character, Freddy Bartlett was taken back to a scene from WW11. A slightly more updated version of the chapter is still in the Fourth Reich – Head of the Snake which his novel is now called.

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