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The Fourth Reich Facebook Page

Gary Compton is a former cabinetmaker and now writes full time. He also finds the time to run Tickety Boo Press Ltd. His first novel, the Fourth Reich - Head of the Snake is out now. Set in 2010 it follows Freddy Bartlett from the Serious Organised Crime Squad who is asked to head a murder enquiry.

A CIA agent is found dead and a cloak of secrecy surrounds his last investigation. Bartlett slowly discovers one of the greatest cover-ups in history and at its centre, the collapse of the financial system is not what it seems. Perpetrating the deceit is a shadowy organisation whose roots lie in world war two and their infamous-leader controls his army from beyond the grave.
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The Fourth Reich Facebook Page

Post by Gary Compton » Sun Feb 05, 2017 12:15 pm

Pleased to see the likes on this page are approaching 100. I seem to have acquired a bit of a following in India judging by the messages I am getting. :o

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