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Dave de Burgh is the South African author of Betrayal's Shadow and the forthcoming Conviction's Pain, the first two novels in an Epic Fantasy trilogy exploring the levels and uses of power, the brittleness of politics, and the emotional prices people must pay to survive the conflicts pressed upon them.
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Post by DavedeBurgh » Mon Dec 12, 2016 1:15 pm

hey everyone, wrote this about an hour ago and was reminded (because I forget) to post it here, too. :) All about battles, what they mean to me as a Fantasy writer, and what I learned while writing battles (and still learn!).

***The first time I tried to write a battle scene I really had no idea what I was doing.

That scene, unfinished and unfocused, was supposed to be a small bit of back-story for what would eventually become Betrayal’s Shadow, and followed a general and his troops on their last fruitless charge.

It was fuckin’ glorious. Useless, but glorious. Blaze of … erm, glory, and all that. Swords raised and “Charrrrgge!” and hooves thundering into the rising dust cloud and echoing screams… Glorious but useless.***

Check out the rest at the link below: ... rk-for-me/

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